Eight Alarming Cover-ups and Contradictions in the East Palestine Train Wreck Chemical Nightmare Now Spreading Across Multiple States

by Mike Adams, Global Research [3-2-2023 published | NaturalNews 2-27-2023].

(Note: All 3 videos are important, yet if you are short on time, be sure to listen to at least the 1st video interview of Don Loucks, who has expertise with hazmat & dioxin. Dioxin was part of 'agent orange' used in the Vietnam War. Then listen to the 3rd video where they discuss detox strategies, some of which you can grow at tome & cost very little. — RAD)

When it comes to explaining away the single largest ecological catastrophe in the history of America, the EPA and Ohio officials just can’t seem to get their stories straight. Every explanation they offer is a contradiction or cover-up. And they refuse to test for the one thing that poses the greatest health hazard of all: DIOXINS.

Dioxins are always created when chlorinated compounds are burned within a certain temperature range. They’re also the most deadly chemical compounds known to humankind, and they can be toxic at parts-per-quadrillion concentrations.

Put another way, it seems that they cause toxic effects on the human body at concentrations 100,000 times lower than where glyphosate begins to show toxicity. That’s just an estimate. The real number may be a million times or more.

Yet the EPA — and Ohio authorities — all refuse to test for dioxins. Or, at least, they refuse to release the test numbers publicly. No doubt they already have their own secret dioxin test results, and they are panicked over those numbers, trying to figure out how to sweep this whole problem under the rug without having to face the reality of an evacuation order that will likely soon be necessary.

The entire town of East Palestine may ultimately have to be condemned, razed and decontaminated. Instead, the EPA is spreading the toxic waste across multiple states. The recent effort to ship over a million gallon of this toxic waste to Texas was thwarted over the weekend, with the EPA now redirecting that toxic waste to Indiana and Ohio, the AP now reports.

And then there’s the issue of the tens of thousands of farms downwind from this disaster… and the countless families who depend on those farms for their food and livelihoods. If there really were no dioxins to be found, the EPA should have already conducted tests, found nothing and released the “all clear” test results publicly.

Why haven’t they done that?

It’s obvious: They’re covering up the dioxin contamination nightmare for as long as possible.

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Here are just a few of the many contradictions now emerging from the EPA and Ohio government handling of this incident:

#1) Why are we told by the EPA that vinyl chloride toxic ignition fallout fumes are perfectly safe to live with, but carbon dioxide — necessary for all plant photosynthesis and rain forest growth — is a deadly “pollutant” that threatens human civilization?

Because “science.”

#2) Why are we told that the toxic chemical runoff from the firefighting water sprayed on the chemical fire is so toxic that it has to be injected deep underground so that it won’t surface for thousands of years, but also that the land and water where all those chemicals rained down is now perfectly safe and there’s nothing to worry about?

When it falls on your farm, it’s “safe.” When it falls on the sidewalk, it’s a deadly hazardous waste that must be disposed by an EPA-licensed hazardous waste disposal company.

#3) If the Texas-based hazardous waste disposal company Texas Molecular is already licensed to dispose of vinyl chloride, then why didn’t the railroad just mop up the vinyl chloride and send it to Texas Molecular instead of setting it on fire, creating millions of gallons of contaminated firefighting water?

Just think, you would only be dealing with a few hundred thousand gallons of toxins instead of millions of gallons of toxic water (plus the toxic cloud, fallout, etc.). Whatever happened to the idea of “containment?”

#4) Why are both the EPA and Ohio state authorities completely unwilling to test the surrounding farms for dioxins (which are toxic at parts-per-quadrillion exposure concentrations) but they claim everything is safe enough for families, children and pregnant women to return?

It won’t be long before children are born with birth defects and missing limbs. The EPA already knows this. Maybe they plan to “Tiffany Dover” all the deformed babies or call for post-birth abortions to hide the evidence of their crimes against humanity…

#5) Why do people who already left East Palestine and healed from their original exposure start getting sick again when they return to East Palestine?

Breitbart.com reports on this, revealing how people who feel better after they leave the area begin to experience horrible symptoms as they return.

“Maybe it’s something in the air…”

#6) Every decision made by authorities about how to handle the chemicals had the result of SPREADING them, not containing them

You couldn’t write a better script on how to spread toxic chemicals across multiple states, running the toxic water to Texas and Indiana, while unleashing a toxic cloud over multiple northeastern states. If containment was the goal, the EPA failed miserably.

If only they could contain these toxic molecules as effectively as they contained news about Hunter Biden’s laptop…

#7) If East Palestine first responders had 1.8 million gallons of water to spray on the fire that officials ignited, then they also had enough water to put out the initial small fires that they claim placed the tanker cars at risk (which led to them emptying those cars and igniting the vinyl chloride).

Clearly they had millions of gallons of water available to put out fires. So why didn’t they put out the initial fire and stop this entire disaster from the beginning? Which genius came up with the idea, “Hey let’s set fire to these chemicals because that will make them go away…”

#8) We are told that they had to set fire to the vinyl chloride which had been emptied from the rail tanker cars in order to prevent the risk of a tanker car explosion causing shrapnel injuries, but if the vinyl chloride was already emptied from the tanker cars, the shrapnel explosion risk was already eliminated

In other words, the moment the tanker cars were emptied of the chemical, they no longer had any justification for starting any fire at all. So why did they do it, then?

Likely answer: Somebody ordered them to do it, and they needed a cover story.

Straight-up ecological terrorism, disguised as a railroad accident.

We’re not actually being ruled by idiots, you see. We’re being gaslit by terrorists.

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