Holocaust and CV19 Parallels

by Holocaust survivor, Vera Sharav [6-20-2023 published].

Holocaust survivor and activist, Vera Sharav draws parallels between Nazi Germany atrocities and the CV19 pandemic response.


https://rad-patriot.com/the-wartime-presidency-part-4 Pay close attention to how the medical profession was used in Nazi Germany to eliminate the 'unwanted'...

Remember what I said about Nazi feelings towards those patients with “lives not worth living”? At the beginning of WW2, in 1939, there was a wholesale sterilization and euthanasia program already underway within Germany’s hospital system.

Not many people know this, but it’s important.

Would it surprise you to know that right at the dawn of WW2, the German hospital system had set up and begun the targeted extermination of physically and mentally disabled patients under its care.

They started with infants, moved on to children under three, then on to teenagers and finally adults.

Those targeted for euthanasia were;

  • Patients with physical disabilities
  • Patients with neurological disorders
  • Patients with Down’s Syndrome
  • Patients with Schizophrenia
  • Patients with various mental illness - something as simple as chronic depression
  • (Later) Those deemed not fit for society, I.E. Jews, Gypsies, criminals, and others - this group of people was later rotated out of the euthanasia program and into the extermination camp system

https://rad-awake.com/category/health-issues/covid There are many more articles here that support her observations.