How to Defeat Micro Blood Clots and Block the Spike Protein

by Mike Adams at Natural News [2-4-2022].

(Natural News) Doctors and researchers are now confirming that nearly all the negative side effects and deaths stemming from covid vaccines are the result of blood clots. Many of those clots are very small and unable to be easily detected with standard medical imaging equipment. These clots, called “micro blood clots,” can cut off the blood supply to small regions of the brain, organs and tissues throughout the body.

The resulting die-off of local cells can be expressed in the body as a tingling sensation, numbness, loss of sensory acuity, organ failure, loss of cognitive function and even notable personality changes as people lose higher brain function.

“Micro blood clots seem to be the likely cause of millions of health impacts and deaths from COVID infection as well as from COVID vaccines, and even millions of long COVID victims suffering diverse health problems with no apparent medical solution,” reports LifeSiteNews. That story quotes Dr. Peter McCollough:

…the Spike Protein itself caused coagulation or blood clotting. And a unique type of Coagulation. It caused the red blood cells to stick together. At the same time, the platelets stick together. So this is a very different type of blood clotting that we would see with major blood clots in the arteries and Veins. For instance, blood Clots involved in Stroke and heart attack. Blood clots involved in major blood vessels in the legs. This was a different type of clotting and in fact the Italians courageously did some autopsies and found micro blood clots in the lungs. And so, we understood in the end the reason why the lungs fail is not because the virus is there. It is because micro blood clots are there. When people can’t breathe, the problem is micro-blood clotting in the lungs. The spicule on the ball of the virus itself damages blood vessels that causes blood clotting.

Also quoted in the article is Dr. Charles Hoffe:

Dr. Charles Hoffe, went public with his findings on COVID vaccinated patients. Using the d-dimer test of blood, he found that 62% of hundreds of his vaccinated patients had high numbers, indicating the presence of micro blood clots… He said that the use of mRNA vaccines would “kill most people through heart failure.”

And another quote cites a published study from Loma Linda University:

Loma Linda University Health researchers found that severely ill COVID-19 patients likely die as the result of micro clots formed in the lungs that spread to cause deadly damage to organs throughout the body. This finding differed from the current view that the COVID-19 virus travels to the body’s organs and damages blood vessel lining in those organs.

According to this research, once the clotting process begins, the body is no longer fighting against the virus but mostly against the clotting process instead.

Protecting yourself from the spike protein nanoparticle (produced by vaccines) requires making daily lifestyle choices to improve the quality of your blood

In today’s Situation Update podcast, I explore how the key to preventing spike protein damage to the blood is found in protecting the quality of your blood. And that’s determined largely by what you eat.

Partially-hydrogenated vegetable oils — used to make vegetable shortening, coffee creamer and thousands of other common grocery products — are especially toxic to the blood, promoting inflammation and clotting.

Canola oil is another questionable oil that should be avoided at all costs. Replace it with authentic olive oil or avocado oil, but understand that the vast majority of those oils sold in grocery stores are counterfeit, so you have to really do your homework on the source of your dietary oils.

Consuming fried foods also contributes to “sludge blood” — blood clotting of the red blood cells. The acrylamides in fried carbohydrates cause severe damage to vascular cell lining.

Consuming homogenized, pasteurized milk is also harmful to vascular health. The homogenization process artificially alters milk fats to make them stay in suspension. This also causes them to promote inflammation, stagnation and even constipation in some people. If you enjoy drinking milk from cows, get raw, fresh milk that hasn’t been subjected to homogenization.

Learn more in today’s highly informative podcast that also teaches you how to make your own silver-infused bed sheets and towels:

Podcast: How to DEFEAT micro blood clots and BLOCK the Spike Protein