How to Think About Climate Change by Professor William Happer

by Physics Emeritus Professor William Happer [2-24-2021 published].

(The above video is one of the best and easiest to understand presentations about climate issues by a serious scientist who is not spouting propaganda that I've come across. He has some interesting ways to separate real science from propaganda. You might want to listen to this several times to better understand climate issues. Of course, you could go into more depth about everything he presents, yet it is very important to understand the high level concepts so you don't get forever lost in the details. Here are more articles on Climate Issues that you can evaluate, especially Climate Change Over Geological Time. There have been 8 major climate cycles during the last 1 million years, averaging 125,000 years for each cycle. Approximately 100,000 years were glacial ice, followed by about 10,000 years of warming, and then the cycle repeats. We are at the end of the last warming phase. It should be obvious that 100, or even 1000, years of data will NOT tell you which part of the long term cycle we are in. Unfortunately, the 'climate propaganda crowd' tries to scare us with only a few years of data! — RAD)

The following are many of the slides he discussed in his presentation.

This is critical. Notice above that the red IPCC computer climate model doesn't come close to actual observed data after 1995!!! A model that doesn't reflect reality is useless, yet this is what they are basing 'climate policy' on!!!


The above CO2 graph from the past 600 million years is another indication that we do NOT have too much CO2 in our atmosphere!!!


The dark green areas in the above map of the world show that a little extra CO2 is allowing vegetation to grow in some marginal desert areas. In other words, this is another indication that CO2 is good for plant & tree life.