Sensible Environmentalism by Patrick Moore who was a Founding Member of Greenpeace

by UKColumn Producer Stephanie Sinclaire [6-13-2023 produced].

"Only the billionaires will be able to afford to buy food, and all the other people will die."

Greenpeace co-founder, Dr. Patrick Moore, on the genocidal consequences of Net Zero.

"Now they're going into agriculture and threatening to cut off the supply of food, because food is causing global warming."

"They will cause a ruination the likes of which the Earth has never seen, because there are over eight billion of us, and four billion of us depend on nitrogen fertiliser, which they now say is bad, because it's a greenhouse gas or whatever… It's all completely phoney. And so is the campaign against CO2."

Patrick Moore (website | Twitter | books | key book) was a founding member of Greenpeace, a former President of the Greenpeace Foundation, Director of Greenpeace International and President of Greenpeace Canada.

His environmental work successfully fought against atmospheric nuclear testing, industrial-scale hunting of whales and the brutal harvesting of harp seal and hooded seal pups.

But he left Greenpeace in 1986 as it was being transformed from an organisation dedicated to saving civilisation to one dedicated to the destruction of civilisation. The influx of neo-Marxist ideology and activists meant that Greenpeace started to campaign for restrictions upon human action that were illogical, unscientific and harmful to human thriving. The green movement changed, and saw mankind not as steward of the planet but as a threat to and virus upon the world.

The mass psychosis concerning carbon dioxide—an essential nutrient without which plant life (and hence all higher forms of life) would cease to exist—is one example of the errors of the modern green movement; the furore over polar bears (whose numbers are exploding due to the suspension of hunting) is another.

Patrick Moore outlines better alternatives, and maintains that scientific rigour must be regained if green-lobby-led folly is to be overturned.


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