Shocking: White Embalmer Clots Are Self Assembling Circuits

by Alexandra Bruce [8-21-2022].

Dr Jane Ruby reports that, “Self-assembling electrical circuit material” are the results from Mike Adam’s near-final lab analysis of the rubbery white clots that are being found by morticians in veins and arteries of the prematurely-deceased jab victims all over the world.

Mike is the only microscopy expert who’s been willing to step forward and analyze these unprecedented clots. Mike says, “The instrument that I knew that would be the most accurate for this analysis is called the ICP-MS, that’s Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry… We took these clots from [20-year board certified embalmer] Richard Hirschman and we ran the ICP-MS analysis and we also took a live blood sample from a healthy human being who was not vaccinated and then we compared the blood to the clots with an elemental analysis breakdown.”

Mike explains that the elements found in animal life were relatively lacking from these clots. What the clots do contain in higher amounts are elements that you find in circuitry or machinery or electrically-conductive systems. Tin is being found in these clots, as well as sodium, which is an alkaline metal that is highly-conductive and aluminum, which is used in wiring, having lately come to replace copper, since copper has gotten so expensive.

“We see higher amounts of elements that you would find in AI robots or circuits, circuitboards, things like that. We have much lower concentrations of things that you might find in a human being.”

Mike goes on to say that the clots are self-assembling biostructures. So, they increase in size over time and as they’re increasing in size, they are accumulating or harvesting from the blood these electrically-conductive elements that we’ve mentioned; tin, aluminum and sodium, in particular. So in other words, these are self-assembling machines of some kind that are biologically ‘compatible’ for a period of time and as they grow, they take up more and more of the cross-sectional space in the arteries and blood vessels.

“Now, at first, the blood flows around them…but they can also be dislodged with a certain amount of force, such as if you’re out jogging and your heart rate goes up and your blood pressure’s much higher, we believe this is why some doctors are dropping dead as they’re jogging, because a clot is dislodged…

“[But] if it continues to grow, it’s going to take up the entire space of the blood vessel. When it does that, then obviously, the blood flow is blocked and that person loses that blood flow though that part of the body being served by that vessel or artery and this is, I believe the explanation for quote ‘Died suddenly’ and it’s also the explanation for some people that have to have their hands or feet amputated, because they’re losing blood flow to those extremities.

“So the kicker here is that this is going to worsen over time. There are people walking around today who’ve had the shots and they have the clots and they’re going to die at some point, as the clots get larger.”

Dr Ruby points out that Richard Hirschman, the embalmer who provided these clots for analysis has noticed that when he has stored the clot samples in a refrigerator, that they continued to grow.

“Once you understand that these clots are, in effect harvesting and organizing conductive elements from the blood – and that’s a fact. It sounds like science fiction but that’s a confirmed fact, at this point – you have to wonder, ‘Well what is it doing with these elements?’

Mike speculates that having these elements present in the body could also make people just as vulnerable to an EMP attack as electronic devices are.

Mike also analyzed some vaxxines, as well and he’s not ready to release all of that information except to say that his lab has detected several industrial metals, like cadmium in them. He will be making a report soon about his lab analysis of the vaxxines.

Mike says, “What’s clear to me is that this is a depopulation weapons system. The Globalists realize that in order for them to depopulate the planet, they didn’t need to run Zyklon B ovens or chambers, they didn’t need to shoot everybody with kinetic weapons, they didn’t need to do any of that.

“All they needed to do was release a biological weapon and scare everybody into taking shots and the shots kill you over time. And they’ve given 12 billion doses now on the planet, which is 1.5 doses for every person on the planet. They’ve given, like 600 million doses in the United States, which is almost 2 doses for every American – not every person has taken a dose, obviously – some people have taken multiple doses.

“My concern is the ticking time bombs of clot death and that they’re going to die over the next ten years and I don’t know any way to stop the growth of these clots…we know that the anti-clotting pharmaceuticals do not, because I’ve interviewed physicians who have been in the emergency centers, they’ve tried to treat these clots with the normal drugs, like Heparin – it does nothing.”

Mike believes that even if we stop vaxxinating right now, we will see tens of millions of deaths from the Death Shot.

It would be great if someone besides him would be willing to investigate these clots. His ICP-MS system does not detect things at a molecular scale, e.g., the mRNA molecules and the proteins present in the vaxx and in the clots. He says, “We need a protein analysis that can handle the very large molecules of proteins. They’re very high daltons, in terms of their total mass.

“We’ve done some analysis on this in the past, with some time-of-flight mass-spec instrumentation and there’s special software you have to use and it’s called deconvolution software that can reassemble the predicted structure of the proteins, because frankly, the large proteins can’t survive the liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry.

“There’s this statistical analysis software that tries to take a guess at what it was. If there’s somebody out there who can do that, I probably will get to it, eventually. It might take us 6 more months to do that. Somebody else could do it right now, if they had the balls just to do it and release the results but my guess is nobody’s gonna do it…

“I strongly suspect that there is a phytochemical of a phytonutrient from the plant world that will halt the growth of these clots…For example, we know that sulforaphane from broccoli and broccoli sprouts halts the angiogenesis from cancer tumors. That’s the process by which cancer tumors build blood vessels to rob supply of your blood in order to grow their own tumor size.

“So an anti-angiogenesis molecule would be a candidate for this but we need, frankly, in order to run those kinds of tests, you would need many millions of dollars in funding and a willingness of some institution, some university to look at the clots and run the tests and see what stops the clots and they’re not gonna do that, because they’re all in with the scam of mass genocide.

“We’re living under a system of scientific genocide of the human race. They don’t want to stop the deaths. Simple as that.”

Mike says he’d like for Richard Hirshman to get him a sample of an artery with the clot attached so they could study how it attaches to the walls.

Dr Ruby then brings on Clay Clark, who talks about Executive Order 14067, Section 4., which he says mandates that by December 13, 2022, you will need to be vaxxinated in order to transact in the US Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

I could not find reference to this but I did see that Subsection vii. seeks to study, “the connections between distributed ledger technology and short-, medium-, and long-term economic and energy transitions; the potential for these technologies to impede or advance efforts to tackle climate change at home and abroad; and the impacts these technologies have on the environment.”

Section 4. Subsection vii. also seeks a report on how blockchain could be used to monitor and “mitigate” [cut-off] energy use and incorporate a system of carbon credits and liabilities into the energy grid.

Then she has Clay talk about “xeno bots”. He tells us to go to where we can learn more about Harvard professor Charles Lieber, who was paid $50,000 per month illegally by the Chinese Communist Party to create nano-technology that allows human cells to send and receive signals via 5G, once this technology is injected into your body.

Clay believes the weird clots are related to this technology, saying, “COVID-19 stands for Certificate of Vaccination ID AI…The goal of Klaus Schwab, Yuval Noah Harari and their ilk – China – is to put RNA modifying nanotechnology inside of everybody – that is self-replicating nanotechnology that has the ability to track where you go, make it impossible for you to buy or sell without it, and to actually control your thoughts to a certain level and if you don’t believe me, go to and you scroll down to the bottom on December 23rd of 2021, FoxNews reported that China is using gene-editing technology CRISPR technology to control the thoughts of their subjects.”