Vaccinate to Vacate the Planet?

by Dr Rima E Laibow [6-12-2023 published].

(Although a lot of people are waking up to realize that the 'jab' was designed to eliminate a lot of people, this article shows that this has been going on for a long time. Even though this WHO program was created 14 years ago, there is a lot of evidence that this focus was in play much longer. — RAD)

This article was originally published in July 2009.

The World Health Organization (WHO) created a program way back in 1972 to “get rid of large numbers of people” through vaccination. Through their Task Force on Fertility Control they investigated both male and female infertility vaccines.

They ultimately perfected female sterility vaccines containing both adjuvants (immune system irritants) and a female hormone necessary for human pregnancies to carry to term (Human chorionic gonadatrophin, HCG). Injected into the body, women produce antibodies to HCG so they destroy that essential hormones during every subsequent pregnancy.

These vaccines were, according to the Philippine High Court, used by WHO to involuntarily sterilize more than 3 million women there. No one knows the real number.

Similar programs in 1985 under the guise of Smallpox vaccination for disease eradication were designed, according to WHO’s documents, to “eliminate 150 million excess sub-Saharan Africans”.

Pregnant woman who receive this vaccine promptly abort the baby they are carrying and are then sterile for the rest of their lives as the formerly pregnant women of the Hill Tribes in Thailand have discovered.

Apparently, the WHO task forces also discovered a 3-vaccine protocol which would be directly lethal, not merely generationally genocidal.

Was this the protocol referred to earlier this year when President Obama announced that Americans would be required to take 3 shots in the fall of 2009, 2 Swine Flu shots and 1 for Seasonal Flu? Is your faith in the government strong enough to find out with your body, your children’s bodies and the bodies of those you love?

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Mine is not. Let me be quite clear: I distrust a government which permits dangerous, untested, uninsurable toxic vaccines and then urges them upon an entire population in a cover up of epic proportions.

I distrust a government which forbids the labeling of genetically modified foods because people would reject such foods if the were told what dangers they were setting on their tables.

I distrust a government which has experimented massivly upon its own people without their knowledge or consent (including providing poor mothers with baby cereal laced with plutonium and monitoring their infants to see how quickly they developed cancer!).

I distrust a government which has adopted a policy of population reduction “starting with the third world” and which is merging at warp speed with the corporate interests to create a corporostatism which has an older name: fascism.

I distrust a government which adopts the posture that citizens are suspected terrorists when they question the acts of the government or cite the foundational documents of this nation, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of These United States “too often”.

I distrust a government which permits drugs so dangerous that they are, in fact, the leading cause of death when used “properly” yet gags the free dissemination of health-related information for natural substances which might conflict with the profit picture of drug companies.

I distrust a vaccine manufacturer which contaminates seasonal flu vaccines for 18 countries with 72 kilograms (that’s 158.4 lbs) of deadly virus (which was supplied to them by the WHO, by the way) and does not fire a single person for laxity.

I distrust a vaccine manufacturer which has another contract to supply those 18 countries with its vaccine for the very disease with which its seasonal flu vaccine was contaminated, potentially creating an immediate, and highly profitable, “market” through intentional death and pandemic disaster.

I distrust a World Health Organization which ships a vial of allegedly lethal Swine Flu virus on a passenger train in Switzerland which explodes, disseminating the virus to the passengers of the train, apparently to “justify” the June 11 declaration of Level 6 Pandemic (such transport is illegal, by the way).

I distrust a World Health Organization and a Center for Disease Control which create fear for a non-existent threat and hype the “need” for control when the Swine flu is a medical non-event.

I distrust a vaccine manufacturer which claims a near miraculous “breakthrough” allowing it to ready its first commercial batches of “Swine Flu” vaccine in July when the seed stock was provided by the CDC in May and suspect that this has been in the works a lot longer than these few months.

I distrust a government which removes all liability from vaccine manufacturers and then approves dangerous, untested vaccines like the Avian and Swine Flu ones, spending billions of your dollars for them in a windfall bailout of the drug companies so great that it is difficult to comprehend.

I distrust a vaccine company which claims to have just figured out how to produce the “Swine Flu” vaccine ahead of the rest of the pack, but filed its patent on this vaccine for the “Swine Flu” on August 28 2007.

I distrust a Secretary of Health and Human Services who is willing to sacrifice our young, saying that our children, pregnant women and the elderly will be the first experimental subjects for a vaccine whose short and long term dangers cannot be known before it is used on them and that we will “watch and see” to find out whether there are “too many” adverse events.

Lacking any confidence in these companies, agencies and individuals, I certainly do not want their “Pandemic Vaccine” in my body. To allow for my freedom to stay at home, NOT be forced into quarantine, should I refuse that dangerous Swine Flu jab, the Natural Solutions Foundation is urging you to make sure that you help activate your circle of influence to demand the right to make their own choices: vaccination if they want it, quarantine/isolation if they want that or, for everyone else, the right to self-shield at home during the “pandemic crisis”.