Was the Earthquake in Turkey and Syria Man-made?

by Prof Claudia von Werlhof & Zeitpunkt, Global Research [3-6-2023 published].

(It should be quite obvious why it is hard to 'prove' that a specific earthquake was 'triggered' by man. If used by major governments, this would be a act of war which they would rather not advertise. On the other hand, there is a lot of valuable information in this article for anyone interested in these geoengineering topics. — RAD)

Four questions for Claudia von Werlhof about war and patriarchy, the world war against Mother Earth and the technical possibilities of triggering earthquakes. With thoughts from Rosalie Bertell’s last essay.

The earthquake in Turkey and Syria has once again hit enemies of the US. It is now being debated whether the earthquake was triggered technically – light phenomena observed by officials and the previous closure of some authorities are possible indications of this. But the fact-checkers deny it. Who are you supposed to believe – if you’re not a physicist?

Rosalie Bertell, the so-called environmental nun, was an American environmental scientist and winner of the Right Livelihood Award – a renowned personality. 23 years ago she wrote the book “Planet Earth. The Latest Weapon of War”, in which she denounces, among other things, exactly this possibility and practice: The military use of technologies that can control and trigger the weather, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Rosalie Bertell died in 2012. But she has a successor: Claudia von Werlhof, professor emeritus for political science and women’s studies in Innsbruck, critic of patriarchy and author of numerous books, became Bertell’s “deputy in the German-speaking world”. In the phone call, she answers four questions – I insert statements from Rosalie Bertell in between.

Yes: it is theoretically possible that the Turkish earthquake, terrible as it is, was triggered artificially. But you can’t prove it.

Zeitpunkt: You’re a feminist, Rosalie Bertell was a biometrician – how did you get together?

Claudia von Werlhof: After the 2010 Haiti earthquake, I heard that it might have been artificially generated. I then got involved, studied the facts and also commented publicly on them – and was attacked from all sides for it. Rosalie Bertell then wrote to me and confirmed that it might have been an artificially created earthquake. I then read her book “Planet Earth. The Latest Weapon of War” and went to hell with it. Thereupon, together with others, I founded the ” Planetary Movement for Mother Earth”. We had the book translated into German and published it. In the meantime, it is now in its 5th edition.

In 1946, the General Electric Company discovered that by dropping dry ice in a cold room, you could “create” ice crystals similar to those in clouds. Within months of this discovery, dry ice was being dropped from airplanes into cumulus clouds, converting the water droplets into ice crystals that then fell to Earth like snow. By 1950, industry researchers had discovered that silver iodide had the same effect. The era of weather control had begun. (Rosalie Bertell) (The sections in the boxes are from the last text by Rosalie Bertell: «Slowly Wrecking Our Planet» )

CvW: I later met Rosalie personally in Bonn at the 30th anniversary of the Right Livelihood Award, the Alternative Nobel Prize. She received the prize in 1986 for her first book on the effects of low-level radioactivity. From then until her death we worked together. For her, our “Critical Theory of Patriarchy ” was a new explanatory approach. With this approach, we explain the overall picture of why weapons are being developed at all that affect the entire planet. Why does somebody want to get the planet under control and turn it into a weapon? – I have dealt with the reasons for this in my work. But I wasn’t sure in which ways that could even be realized. And it is still the case today that most people do not understand that, how and why, for example, earthquakes are artificially caused.

In the race to the moon in early 1958, both US and USSR cosmonauts discovered the Van Allen Belt, a magnetic belt that protects the Earth from the destructive charged particles of the solar wind. Between August and September 1958, as part of Project Argus, the US Navy detonated three nuclear fission bombs 480 km (300 miles) over the South Atlantic in the lower Van Allen Belt. The US Atomic Energy Agency called it “the greatest scientific experiment ever undertaken” (Baldwin). The “experiment” had a worldwide impact and created new artificial polar lights. The long-term effects of this incredible destruction, which took place before the protective function of the Van Allen Belt was understood, have never been elucidated. In 1962 this “big” experiment was carried out on September 9th. A larger experiment was repeated shortly thereafter over the Pacific as part of Project Starfish. (…) Later, the USSR undertook similar planetary “experiments” and created three new radiation belts between 7000 and 13000 km (4300 and 8100 miles) above the Earth. (…) The United Nations General Assembly was so alarmed by these activities that on December 10, 1976 it passed a Convention prohibiting the military or other hostile use of environmental modification techniques. (Rosalie Bertell) (…)

Zeitpunkt: Do you think that the earthquake in Turkey was also artificially triggered?

CvW: Rosalie always said that in individual cases it is difficult to separate the military geo-experiments from the real shaking of the planet. But knowledge about such possibilities has been acailable since 1976 at the latest, through the ENMOD Convention, the UN’s Environmental Modification Convention. All these techniques have already been listed in it – up to earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, weather changes of all kinds. Some of these techniques were used in the Vietnam War. The technical basis for this comes from Nicola Tesla. When he died in 1943 his material was immediately absorbed – from East and West – and then used for new inventions. There are numerous official patents that you can read about. This is not something that is fabricated, it’s just military technology and therefore partly secret. The technology has been developed and used already for 70-80 years, among others. Rosalie always said that new wars always come with new weapons. That military technology is always several decades ahead of what the public knows,and that environmental weapons will be part of the new wars.

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HAARP currently has 180 towers, although it began operating in 1994 in a modular form with a network of 48 towers. There is reason to believe that HAARP can be further expanded to 384 or 720 cell towers. This powerful synchronized transformer is accompanied by a series of SuperDarns (Dual Auroral Radar Network) that continuously monitor the effects of HAARP manipulations on the Earth’s ionosphere at the Earth’s surface. (Rosalie Bertell)

Zeitpunkt: I’ll read you two statements in the ARD fact checker on the subject: According to Oliver Heidbach, head of the working group Analysis and Modeling of Tectonic Stresses at the German Research Center for Geosciences (GFZ), it is not possible to trigger earthquakes with radio waves. “Radio waves with the high frequencies in the megahertz and gigahertz range in the earth’s crust cannot cause any movement in the rock and therefore cannot cause any changes in voltage.” Rather, earthquakes like the one in Turkey and Syria are triggered when a critical mechanical stress in the earth’s crust is exceeded.

Yuri Shprits, head of the Space Physics and Space Weather section at the GFZ, is “firmly convinced that modifications of the ionosphere caused by HAARP cannot cause earthquakes”. In addition, triggering an earthquake would require gigantic amounts of energy that HAARP could not generate. “In addition, it would be impossible to transfer the energy from the ionosphere to different places on earth.”

CVW: This is the typical scientific anti-explanation. It reflects an old world view according to which matter is inert. But you know the phenomenon of a bridge over which a military squad is marching in step. You can collapse the bridge – and that is the principle of pulsed energies. As a scientist, Nicola Tesla, who lived between 1856 and 1943, set in motion a new scientific world view. He defined matter through its electromagnetic properties. He himself has produced earthquakes around his house through the use of electromagnetic vibrations. These vibrations are everywhere. He amplified them until the energy released created an earthquake that nearly destroyed his own home. Tesla made our modern world possible in the first place. All electronics could not have been introduced without his natural science. Our whole world is a Tesla world. But its importance to military technologies is still declared untrue because Tesla is not officially taught. The HAARP system is also based on his work.

The HAARP facility (US Army and Navy High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) in Alaska was powered by gas-fired power plants. Each of the facility’s antennas produced over 1 million watts and pulsed into the same location in the ionosphere. There the energy condenses like a lens, and from there you can direct a directed beam back to Earth. Wherever it arrives, it causes great damage. Rosalie said it acts like a gun barrel shooting down at the earth.

The Haarp facility was handed over to the university in 2015. I think they supposedly shut it down because you could see what was happening there on the Internet. For example, before the Haiti earthquake, you could see that the facility was in increased use. This verifiability of the system was a disadvantage for them. But there are 2-3 more dozens of similar plants worldwide.

According to Rosalie, there are two phenomena that can be used to infer an artificially triggered earthquake: one is certain cloud formations that show that certain waves with high energy are traveling in the atmosphere. The other feature are flashes of light in the sky, similar to brief rainbows called plasma strikes, which occur when energies from the ionosphere heat up the atmosphere. And that has been observed in several earthquakes, for example in China.

Much of what the Turks have now said corresponds to this. Turkish officials have said there was a light effect just before the earthquake. They also said that Americans with portable radar systems were in the area and are to be blamed for it.

So – yes: it is theoretically possible that the Turkish earthquake, terrible as it is, was triggered artificially. But you can’t prove it.

It now seems possible to “manage” the jet stream that defines the boundary between warm and cool air in geographic regions, or to manipulate the large vapor flows that carry rain from the tropics to temperate zones, causing droughts or floods. Natural events or instabilities such as monsoons, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. in the atmosphere can be amplified by “energizing”. Injecting oil into tectonic faults or creating artificial earth vibrations with electromagnetic pulses can trigger earthquakes. (Rosalie Bertell)

Zeitpunkt: Could the weather weapons be responsible for climate change?

CVW: Yes, of couse. Climate is the wrong word anyway. Climate is a worldwide system dependent on the sun and the position in the solar system. Climate cannot be changed. You can change the weather. With existing technology, you can change the weather continuously. Due to the northward shift of the jet stream, it becomes hot in the northern hemisphere and, with the southward shift, ice cold there even in summer. Then there is the dying of the ozone layer: this is the layer that envelops the earth and intercepts the electromagnetic waves coming from the sun. Despite the agreement to ban CFC gases, the ozone layer is still severely depleted. New holes have been added, also over the North Pole and the entire northern hemisphere. As a result, the radiation hits the ground pure and directly, it changes the DNA of the plants, destroys plankton and the harvest. This is a result of radioactive contamination, most recently from Fukushima, and weather technologies and space travel. But this is not discussed publicly.

The US Air Force wrote a report in 1996 entitled “Owning the Weather in 2025“. It states: “By 2025, the US Aerospace Forces can control the weather by harnessing new technologies and directing the development of those technologies towards warfare applications. Such an ability offers the warfighter tools to shape the battlefield in a way never before possible.” 2025 – that’s two years away. These are not secrets, they are available on the Internet. We have published a book that will soon be released in German. it is called «Global WAR-NING!» – so not «Global Warming». In it we are warning that Geoengineering is destroying us, the earth and humanity. Not CO2 is to blame for the so-called climate change, but geo-engineering. We are in a state of a world war, Ukraine is just a part of it. The weather manipulations are part of a world war against the earth as a planet, in order to gain control over the earth as a macro living being.

Zeitpunkt: I have a hard time believing this. After all, who can be interested in destroying us ourselves?

CvW: That is exactly the problem. Destruction is always presented as an improvement. What is there by nature – the earth, its living beings, the people, women, animals, plants – has somehow never been considered good enough in patriarchy. It is supposed to be improved, remodeled and transformed. All technical progress is based on this ideology. And my theory is that Mother Nature, the feminine force that creates life, was rejected by the men who formed the patriarchal civilization. For they themselves have claimed the power of creation. All natural processes should therefore be technically replaced, and that is presented as improvement. Improvement is always preceded by destruction. Because it is considered better to have the earth under control than to let it go through its own organic processes.

Soon all the raw materials on earth will be used up. The current industrial society is to be rebuilt, the goal is population reduction. Because we don’t have enough coltan for 8 billion cell phone owners. And neither does all the rest. The remaining people are to be integrated into a completely different technical formation. The integration of humans into this Megamachine is the project of transhumanism. In this scenario people will no longer be born naturally, but manufactured through synthetic biology and genetic engineering. Transhumanism means to “improve” humans. It’s a horror cabinet, but you can read about it with Yuval Noah Harari, Klaus Schwab’s advisor. If the women don’t wake up soon – and others hopefully as well – we will simply be lost.

Earth has already become a “research victim” of militarism and it is time to stop geoengineering as a cruel farce and crime against life itself.

Should we leave the healing of our earth in the hands of those who have shown the most utter neglect of her well-being for more than 65 years? Should we throw away this glorious planet like we throw away cheap plastic jewelry?

It is time to honor and protect planet earth as indigenous people have done for thousands of years.

We must acknowledge that our philosophy of life is flawed because it has led us into this crisis. It is time to question patriarchy, which implies domination of all living things, and crude capitalism, which requires excessive military force to protect its greedy accumulation of natural resources. We urgently need a critical plan for a smarter, more feminine and more humane future. There is a great need to take a sober look at our global lifestyle, philosophy and social planning so that people, all life and planet earth may enjoy a long and fruitful era of peace and prosperity.

Our sun still has about four to five billion years to bless us with its energy – we shouldn’t waste it. (Rosalie Bertell)

This was originally published in German on Zeitpunkt.

Rosalie Bertell (1929-2012) was an American scientist, author, biometric environmental activist, and Catholic nun. Since 1970 she has worked in the field of environmental health. She was a nun of the Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart, where she is best known for her work in ionizing radiation.

Claudia von Werlhof is a sociologist and political scientist. She held the first professorship for women’s studies in Austria, based at the Institute of Political Science at the University of Innsbruck. She is considered a co-founder of women’s research in the Federal Republic of Germany. She is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG).

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