CV19 First Aid Kit

from Witt School of Health.

Over the Counter Covid Protocol with Penny Witsbrodt [1-15-2022]. For about the first 8 minutes they are talking about motorcycles, so you can skip ahead if that doesn't interest you. This interview puts a lot of issues in context and explains who nurse Penny is and how she got involved in sharing this critical information.

What follows is a reformatted version of the document you can download from her website...

Updated Immune Support Protocol and Pre and Post Jab Mast Cell Stabilizing

Note, this is not intended as medical advice and should not be presumed to be medical advice. Always seek care and advice from a qualified medical practitioner. By accessing this document, you acknowledge and agree that you understand this is not medical advice. You also acknowledge and agree it is your responsibility to consult your doctor and pharmacist before starting any new treatments, regimens, over the counter drugs, and or supplements.

If your doctor refuses to provide treatment or prevention against sars-cov-2/ covid19, see links to telehealth at the bottom of the document. Keep in mind, telehealth will not bill insurance and you must pay out of pocket for care. (MyFreeDoctor works based on donations, but their pharmacy does not.) Keep in mind that it may take several days to get an appointment and may take up to 2 weeks to get medications unless you are willing to pay an up-charge for express shipping, which still may take up to 7 days. Please keep this in mind and if you plan to access telehealth services, do it BEFORE YOU GET SICK. They will provide medications to have on hand ahead of time so you are ready to treat at first symptoms.

Additionally, an immune support protocol only works if you have the items on hand. If you wait to order items until you are sick, during a supply chain crisis, and especially over the holidays, don’t be surprised if you don’t get any of your orders for 7-14 days, when they will be of no help to you. I cannot stress this strongly enough. If you don’t have what you need on hand, and your doctor won’t prescribe meaningful early treatment, you are likely to end up in the hospital. PLEASE DON’T TAKE THAT RISK.

Mast Cell Stabilizing Protocol for ages 14 and up